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How to Travel Cheap

Every human being has an innate desire to visit new places. Some people feel content after visiting easily approachable places, while the rest have penchant for travelling to distant, and yet, exotic destinations. Also, people with reclusive mind set plan for sequestered holidaying, whereas adventure lovers crave for some real roller-coaster fun! Whatever the case might be, people cannot travel unless they are really ready to shell out some dollar bills. So, here comes the crunch- Can I afford to travel? What's second best to a free holiday? A cheap holiday. Well, this is a question which keeps popping up in everybody’s mind. Now, one could travel and to his or her dream destinations without actually splurging. So, if you intend to travel cheap, just take a few things into a careful consideration: Plan carefully in advance: This is the prime, and yet, the most imperative aspect of travelling cheap. As a matter of fact, everybody can travel, and you too could do so with alacrity! All you need to do is to plan out your travel somewhat carefully and in advance. Lay out a plan for your expenses. Draw a line beyond which you don’t intend to spend. Then, look surf through the net, and look for the affordable destinations. Also, look for low airfare deals, which you need to do in advance, especially if you are planning to travel abroad. As a matter of fact, you could travel the entire world within an affordable budget. There could be alluring click-baits with enticing travel plans drawing your attention all the while. These lucrative offers, could, however, exceed your budget. Hence, look out for negotiable deals. Stay away from any kind of slapdash planning so as to avoid getting a dent in your pocket! Decide your priorities and do away with excesses: You could be having a plethora of plans while traveling to your dream destination, which could, however, lead to superfluous expenses. In order to avoid such a situation and its compelling implications, you need to prioritize your needs. List your requirement. See what things you cannot do without, and what you could avoid. For instance, if you have plans for hiking and climbing hills, then you would require an outfit and accessories suiting your needs. Buy these items when they are available on clearance sales. Avoid spending on branded stuffs. Also, you need not buy things, which could be absolutely done without! Also, think about using buses, trains or cabs for travelling, in order to avoid booking expensive flights. This could be done, especially if your travel destination is within your own country. For example, travelling across Europe by trains turns out to be really economic, and hence, most of the visitors prefer that option. Look for off season deals: In case, you are besotted about visiting surreal places like Switzerland, then look out for off season airfare offers. Besides, you would also be in position to bag discount offers during your stay in a hotel. In fact, you could extend your stay, and spend quality time by visiting all your coveted sightseeing spots. You could also indulge in numerous adventures, or languish at your favorite spots for days. The choice is ultimately yours! Look for a free place to stay: In case, you are planning to visit a city or a country where you have friends or relatives stationed, then count yourself as being lucky! You could request them for a small place in their accommodations for yourself during your visit. In this way, you could avoid spending on hotels during your stay. Besides, your acquaintances would lend you free advice regarding a number of aspects. For instance, they would advise you about the cheap ways of hopping around and visiting places during your stay. Also, you would get a list of affordable eateries and shopping hubs. Live in a tent: Well, you cannot be lucky every time, since your acquaintances wouldn’t be spread across the globe. Yet, you could look for cheap options to stay while travelling. Pitch a tent for yourself at a convenient place, cook your own food, and stretch out on a sleeping bag at night. Befriend the locals, so that they would guide you about buying drinks and necessities at the local shops. In fact, you could indulge in a bonfire or a barbecue at nights and make your stay really worthwhile.

Danica Modesta

Danica Modesta

How to Stay and Dine at a Hotel for Free

If you want to travel and dine for free, the best way is to start a travel blog. Obviously the more professional and the bigger your blog is, the better hotels you will get. You can get a few free options such as hosted WordPress or if you invest a little bit, a self hosted WordPress site which would look more professional. Traveh.com offers a professional free travel blog that you can also use. 1. Be a Travel Blogger Hotels are suckers for good reviews. Most hotels would do almost anything to get people to talk about them, if you take nice photos, that's an even bigger plus point. Photography is an expensive project and you would be surprised to know, most hotels do not refresh their photography often enough. In reality you are not getting the room for free. You will need to do a review of the hotel and it's facilities and because it's free, you are obligated to say only the nice things. Depending on how well you negotiate, you can probably get 2 nights for free and a couple of free meals at the hotel. I've witnessed how stupid some hotels are by giving a full board experience for free to TripAdvisor reviewers because he / she was a Senior Contributor. This is not allowed under TripAdvisor's traveler review guidelines. Bloggers get away with it because of what little knowledge hoteliers know about digital. No offense to the conventional marketing guys, but they shouldn't be doing anything with a dot com. Here's a pro tip for hoteliers: When using a blogger, make sure you get proper keyword back-links to your website and that photos are tagged correctly. This ensures that not only do you get eyeballs from the blog site, you get some SEO points on search engines as well. 2. Be an Asshole of a Guest This is exactly what you need to be, an asshole. Complain about anything and everything. The first time around you will probably get compensated with a free stay, free dining and a free and fast airport transfer because the hotel couldn't wait to get rid of you. This method isn't without its risks. You would have to pay for the rooms first, then risk the hotel not giving you anything for free. You also run the risk of getting blacklisted from certain hotels.

Danica Modesta

Danica Modesta

List of Hotel Chains Best Price Guarantee Benefits

Based on the World Travel and Trade Council report dated March 2018, travel and tourism contributed 8.2 trillion to GDP in 2017. By 2028, that figure is forecasted to rise by 3.8% per annum to 12.45 trillion. Looking at those numbers, tour and travel is a huge industry and it will continue to grow. It is only expected that competition is stiff, especially in the rooms segment. Hotels not only compete amongst themselves, they also compete against traditional hotel room wholesalers, bed banks and online travel agents. It also more profitable if a guest books via a hotels website or direct channel because of two main reasons. The first reason is, bookings via direct channels do not cost as much as bookings via online travel agents where there is the room rate is commission-able. The second reason is, locking a guest in a loyalty program opens the possibility of repeat stays. Most major hotel chains ensure the room rates that are sold on third party websites, are either the same or higher than their own websites. To give their guests the confidence that they will always be getting the best room rate through the hotel's website, Best Price Guarantee was devised. Below is a list of hotel chains and Best Price Guarantee benefits. Hilton Hotels and Resorts Match the lowest rate with an extra 25% off. Hilton's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Marriot International Match the lowest rate with an extra 25% off or 5,000 Marriot Rewards points. Marriot's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Match the lower rate and 5 times IHG Rewards Club points up to 40,000 points.  IHG's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Hyatt Hotels Match the lower rate and $50 credit for your next stay. Hyatt's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Wyndham Hotel Group Match the lower rate and 3,000 Wyndham Rewards bonus points. Wyndham's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Choice Hotels Match the lower rate and U.S citizens get $50 Reward Card. International guests get one night free. Choice Hotel's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Accor Hotels Match the lower rate with an extra 10% off. Accor's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Radisson Hotel Group Match the lower rate with an extra 25% off. Radission's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions.

Danica Modesta

Danica Modesta

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