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    Romantic Getaway in Phuket

    Phuket is the perfect romantic getaway for couples looking for more than just your bog standard ‘lovers getaway’. With tropical beaches, lush forests and plenty of delicious fine dining experiences, Phuket can play host to the trip of a lifetime for you and your loved one. There is a reason why it is the honeymoon capital of Thailand, and it will not let you down when it comes to making some magical memories. When planning a trip to Phuket, the most romantic setting is always that of the beach, and Phuket has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. We stayed right on the beachfront at a gorgeous and chic villa just a stone’s throw away from the ocean. There is something about the warm sea air, the sounds and smells of the ocean and the laid back way of life that makes the beach the ultimate paradise for couples. Beaches to visit - No trip to Phuket is complete without a trip to one of its many exotic beaches, the most notable being that of Pang Nga bay. Similar to Halong bay in Vietnam, its towering rock-scapes jut out across the ocean and emerge from the crystal clear waters like statues. For a list of must visit beaches, please check out our top 10 must visit beaches in Phuket. Boat trip through the bay Taking a cruise through the bay is one of the most romantic things you can do in Phuket. The best time to go if possible is at sunset when the rocks are turned into silhouettes against the golden sky. One of Phuket’s secluded beaches That is not the only beach to take advantage of though. Phuket has literally hundreds of stunning beaches to spend a day at, some busy with tourists and others deserted. Snorkeling - Phuket has some of the clearest waters in Thailand, and they are filled with an abundance of fish and other sea life. While many people enjoy scuba diving when in Thailand, in Phuket a snorkel and a pair of goggles will more than suffice. Snorkeling in an underwater paradise You will be amazed at the variety of fish that surround you and seem to have no fear. There is also the opportunity to see some real sea monsters if you are lucky, including octopus, eels and the occasional shark. Don’t worry though; they are not interested in having you for lunch. A snorkeling trip is the best way to go as the boats tend to know of the very best places to see. It can be very romantic enjoying an underwater world with your loved one, and even better if you have a waterproof camera to catch some magical memories together. If you're the adventurous type you can try these adrenaline pumping activities in Phuket. Food to try - It’s a no-brainer when it comes to the best food to try when in Phuket. Being right on the Andaman Sea means an abundance of delicious and exotic seafood is on offer wherever you go. Not forgetting the delicious local grown fruits and traditional Thai cuisine. We recently covered a list of 9 must try dining experiences in Phuket. Delicious passion fruit cheesecake topped with fresh fruit Many hotels offer a free breakfast from early morning until around 11 am. You may think that these will be generic hotel breakfasts, but you would be wrong. A huge selection of fruits, soups, rice dishes, curries and European style foods are available to suit every palette. Hotel fruit selection Some of the best food you can try in Phuket are Tom Kha Gai (a spicy chicken and coconut soup) Massaman curry (a deep, rich stew-like curry) Kai-Jeal talay (seafood omelette) and Bualoy (a coconut cream dessert with taro pearls and a poached egg) Massaman coated chicken drumsticks No matter what you try, you are sure to be delighted with the plethora of foods available. If you have more western standards for food there are many restaurants that cater for this, but seeing as you’re in Thailand, why not make the most of the experience and enjoy a romantic atmospherically lit dinner on the beach with your significant other. Romantic lighting on the beach Phuket is the ideal honeymooner’s vacation spot and makes for some wonderful memories surrounded by outstanding natural beauty. Every year tens of thousands of couples descend on Thailand for a romantic and relaxing getaway, and it’s easy to see why when you experience the country first hand. There really is no other place quite like it, and Phuket stands out from the crowd due to its lush tropical climate, serene beaches and all round romantic vibe.
  2. Phuket offers a whole host of activities come day and night, but the best opportunities tend to be those found mainly during the daylight hours. There is so much to see and do and where to begin can at times be confusing. In this article, you will find the very best walk you can take that will enable you to enjoy the sunshine and help you see the sights along the way. The starting point is Patong Beach. This area is easy to find and tends to be the most central starting point for most visitors to Phuket. This walk is designed to last around 1 hour each way at a leisurely pace and will focus on scenery, relaxation and exploration of the local surroundings. You will find some of the best places to stop and have a drink or a bite to eat along the way while taking in some of the best views of Patong Bay. Walk Distance 4.6 km - Average walk time 1 hour excluding stops at places of interest. Walking route will take around 2 hours as a round trip – but well worth every step of the way. This walk is easy to take and minimises the chances of you getting lost along the way. There is only one road to take, and it hugs the coast nicely, so as long as the ocean is on your left, all is well. This route has been designed to be a pleasure walk and help you make the most of what is available in the local vicinity. It has been kept simple, and on a main route, and for those who love to use technology, Geolocations have been added. Loma Park Dolphin Statues Geo-Location for the Tech savvy travellers: 7.899258, 98.296577 So let’s begin. The first stop along this route is Loma Park. Loma Park is located on Patong beach just north of where you started off, and here you will find the dolphin statues that the small park is named after. There is also a play area for the kids and many shaded benches placed under the towering trees ideal for having picnics at. Loma Park also plays host to many of Phuket’s carnivals and official holidays and offers some beautiful ocean views. As you continue your journey from Loma Park, keep heading north with the ocean to your left. About 500 meters along the road you will come across the Belgian Beer café which is an absolute must for taking five from the intense heat of the sun. This stunning building is part of the Graceland’s complex and is located right on the beachfront offering a whole array of delicious food and European drink. Sit back and relax on the veranda and watch the people going about their day while enjoying a nice cold drink and some ocean views. Belgian Beer Café Geo-Location for the Tech savvy travellers: 7.903777, 98.297164 After finishing your drinks, continue in the same direction as before and keep walking until you reach the end of Patong beach. At this point, you will come to a roundabout which you just want to continue straight ahead at. You will know if you are heading the correct way if you pass the Novotel Resort on your right about 50 meters ahead. Walk up the small hill and continue forwards. On your left, you will notice many restaurants and beach bars which would be ideal to take note of for evening dining and entertainment. After about 200 meters the ocean will reappear, and another bay emerges. Along this stretch of road the ocean comes right up to the path and makes for some wonderful photography opportunities, you will notice that not many people use this beach and this is mainly because of rocks just below the surface of the sea. The halfway point of the journey As you continue your journey towards the end of the bay, you will come across Kalim Elephant treks tour office to your right, here you can book your elephant tour at your destination point which is just a further 2 km up the road. By this point you are probably feeling a bit peckish, after all, walking up and down sloping hills and paths can build the appetite nicely. Just 100 meters on your left you will come across Pantai Halal seafood. This small yet welcoming restaurant serves a delicious selection of fresh and local seafood cooked up in aromatic Thai style sauces that will have you going back for just one more bite. They also serve a rich and sweet iced coffee which will give you some extra energy for the walk ahead. Pantai Halal Seafood Restaurant Geo-Location for the Tech savvy travelers: 7.916258, 98.290871 Literally built on the beach, you can rest your legs and enjoy the fruits of the ocean. The Pad Thai Talay is absolutely delicious, and the restaurant location is ideally situated to take advantage of the stunning views and cool sea breeze. Pantai Halal Seafood Restaurant Geo-Location for the Tech savvy travelers: 7.916258, 98.290871 After you have had something to eat, continue along the route as before heading north. From here you will walk around 1 km before reaching Kalim Sunset viewpoint. Kalim Sunset viewpoint offers fantastic views overlooking the whole of Patong Bay and some open ocean seascape with perfect framing for your photos. Kalim sunset viewpoint looking out over the Andaman Geo-Location for the Tech savvy travelers: 7.917377, 98.282794 From Kalim Sunset Viewpoint you are just 700 meters from your destination where elephants await to take you on an unforgettable adventure through the forests that line the coast. Each trek lasts an average of an hour, and it truly is the most magical way to explore the wilderness of Phuket’s forests. Camp Chang Kalim rises above the Andaman Sea and is filled with lush tropical plants and wildlife that give off that eco-tourism vibe. As you rise further and further above the bay, the views become more astounding and truly makes you feel as though you are in the tropics. Camp Chang Kalim Elephant tracks Geo-Location for the Tech savvy travelers: 7.922521, 98.280017 Of course, you are not obliged to walk. This route is also ideal when hiring a motorbike or bicycle for a day. While not exhaustive, this route offers some of the very finest highlights along Patong and Kalim Bays.
  3. Josh Orawong

    10 Things to Do at Night in Phuket

    Phuket, Also known as the pearl of the Andaman Sea, is a tropical island province in the South of Thailand. Washed by the crystal clear waters of the Andaman and fringed by lush tropical beaches, Phuket is a must-see destination for every visitor to Thailand. There is much to do in this tropical paradise, from scuba diving to dancing the night away in one of Phuket’s world famous nightlife spots. So, what are the ten best things to do of an evening in Phuket? Here you will discover a mix of activities that are suited to those who live life in the fast lane and those who prefer a more relaxed pace of life ensuring that every type of visitor is catered for. Indy Night Market - Every town and city in Thailand has its own markets, and Phuket is no exception. For those who love to shop till they drop, why not check out the Indy market. Indy stands for independent traders, and here you can find a whole array of fantastic bargains. Although it is not the largest market in Phuket, it is the most creative and makes for an entertaining evening. Wander around the many independent stalls and stock up on some wonderful local wares, grab some traditional southern style food and watch the street performers as they sing, dance and play show off their talents. Open every Thursday and Friday evening from 4 pm - 9 pm, conveniently located opposite Queen Sirikit Park. Night markets: Shopping paradises – Of course, for those who are dedicated shoppers, Phuket also plays host to larger markets focusing on fashion, food and souvenirs. The biggest and best market for shopaholics is the Phuket weekend market. Separated into an open-air market and an undercover market guarantees that you can shop come rain or shine. As you enter you are confronted with the most delicious smells your nose could dream of, toasted coconut, sizzling roti’s and barbecuing satay skewers. As you make your way inside you will find almost anything you could think of from fashion and accessories, electronics, jewelry and handmade crafts. Located on Chao Fah West road, it is easily reached by tuk-tuk. Just ask to go to Talad Tai Rot. Bangla Boxing Stadium – Thailand’s national sport is Muay Thai, so it makes sense to have a night at one of the many boxing matches to absorb the thrill, adrenaline and excitement of the sport. Muay Thai is not just a sport; it’s also an art form. The best place to see a Muay Thai match is at Phuket’s Bangla Boxing stadium where you can spend a couple of hours enjoying a few boxing matches, perhaps have a few drinks and absorb the traditional Thai sport in its motherland. Bangla Boxing Stadium can be found just off of Soi Bangla in Patong Beach. Sunset bar – Heaven rooftop Restaurant is ideally situated in the mountains above Kata Noi bay. With unprecedented views of not one but three different bays, Heaven rooftop restaurant and bar is the ideal setting for a couple of drinks and a romantic meal. The best time to arrive is just before sunset, and once the sun has set you can enjoy watching the cities lights start flickering on one by one while relaxing in the gentle cool sea-breeze. Located at Moo 2, Soi Leam Mum Nai Ban, Phuket. Dinner cruise on the June Bahtra – Phuket has one of the most famous coastlines in the world. Pure white sands, crystal clear water, huge limestone formations jutting out of the ocean and a whole array of colourful sea life. One of the very best ways to take in the beauty of Phuket is to take a dinner cruise on the June Bahtra. Here you get to sail around the bay while enjoying a delicious a la carte meal and one or two cocktails. Say goodbye to the thumping music of the nightclubs and bars and say hello to a little bit of downtime to gather your thoughts and memories. Simon Cabaret Show – Thailand is famed for its temples, exotic locations and its Ladyboys. And no trip to Thailand would be complete without at least seeing one of the many Lady Boy cabaret shows on offer. The biggest and best cabaret show in Phuket is the Simon Cabaret. Here you will be treated to the glitz and glamour of a true life ladyboy extravaganza. Singing, dancing and comedy are all on the agenda and guarantees to be an amazing evening filled with love, laughter and lady boys. Easy to find at 8 Sirirach Rd, Patong Beach, Phuket. Phuket FantaSea – Fantasea offers a whole evening of entertainment that reveals the true beauty and history of Thailand. Inside you will be amazed as you watch dancing elephants, Traditional Thai dances and history come alive. Sit back and take in Pyrotechnics, acrobatics, digital wizardry and generations of cultural knowledge come together to create one of the most spectacular shows you will ever see. Inside there is also a 4000 seat restaurant, a carnival village offering the chance to do some shopping and plentiful opportunities to take photographs with the stars of the show. 99 Moo 3 Kamala Kathu, Phuket. Walking Street, Patong - Phuket is probably most famed for its nightlife, so a trip to walking street is a definite must for every traveller. For those who love to party the night away, you will feel like a kid in a candy store. Clubs, bars and beer gardens galore ensure that no matter your music preferences, you will be catered for. Take a walk down Soi Bangla to experience the wilder side of Phuket’s nightlife or stick to the main walking street for a tamer experience. Expect to see many gogo bars, karaoke clubs and beer gardens with staff beckoning you to go inside, be warned though that some ladies are scantily clad and it may not be what is classed as ‘family friendly’. Patong also has many hawkers going bar to bar selling their wares, so if you want to shop but don’t have the time to do so then this is an ideal opportunity to stock up on gifts. Viewpoints - The last two places of interest both fall into the same category. Phuket offers some amazing sights, and viewpoints are the ideal way to take in the beauty of the island. There are two well-known viewpoints that make for perfect photo opportunities while capturing the wild and free spirit of Thailand’s largest island. The first viewpoint is Phromthep cape located at Nai Harn and is possibly the most photographed location in Phuket.

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