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    Sightseeing in Moscow

    Russia has been grabbing eyeballs like a behemoth of late. Now, what could the reason be for its sudden popularity? The country has been making it to the headlines for a number of reasons in the last couple of years. In fact, Russia would be hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2018, notwithstanding its clout in the Syrian War and its skirmishes with the Trump government. While there would be 32 teams from different nations participating in this grand event, a great influx of spectators and tourists would be there to watch the tournament and indulge in sightseeing as well. Since this happens to be the right opportunity for you to visit Russia, do start planning right away! While doing so, keep Moscow on your cards. This is because the majestic Russian capital with cosmopolitan and dynamic spirit has a rich history etched in the architecture everywhere- from the Kremlin to the Red Square. Here are the places which should form your itinerary while you go for sightseeing in Moscow: Red Square - As the name suggests, the Red Square leaves every visitor stupefied, since the majestic place unravels incredible richness. The vast stretch, which had been structured with cobblestones is surrounded by architectural splendours, and hence, invokes an awe-inspiring sight. The Red Square unfolds a vast medley of tales, some of which are sybaritic, whereas the others speak of untold bloodshed. This placed used to host a huge market in the earlier days, which the erstwhile Kremlin rulers chose for congregations, celebrations and spine-chilling executions for all to see. This first gateway had been destroyed at the behest of Stalin, since it impeded the mass demonstrations. It was rebuilt in 1995, and the new structure is a replica of the previous structure. The place also witnessed cavalcades of military men marching across the street, thereby intimidating the west with the Soviet might during the Cold War years. These days, a potpourri of tourists, wedding parties and business parties jostle here, and relentless photo sessions capture the grandeur of this place. The night time at the Red Square is peaceful with floodlights, which is panoramically spectacular. Saint Basil’s Cathedral - Located close to the Red square, this massive structure is also known as the Cathedral of the Intercession. The popular tales hold that the present structure was built in the memory of Basil the Blessed, or the “holy fool’ who had been buried at the Trinity Cathedral. Legends also state that the Saint Basil’s Cathedral had been built during the regime of Ivan the Terrible to commemorate the capture of Kazan from the Mongols. Also, there are dubious tales about the builders who were blinded by Ivan’s men so that they could not produce a replica of the structure elsewhere. The magnificent architecture symbolizes the medieval concept of the eight-pointed star, since there are eight churches encompassing the central ninth. The original Cathedral of the Intercession seems to be concealed by the new stylistic churches. A vaulted roof covers the gallery and flights of staircases. Intricately carved domes loom with pride, while the complex and integrated designs of the walls corroborate the rich Russian art. Also, there is a staircase hidden inside a wall. The white colored cathedral is in sync with the Kremlin. Moscow Kremlin - Located at the heart of Moscow, the fortified structure symbolizes the suzerainty of the erstwhile Russian empire. It is flanked by the Red Square and the Saint Basil’s cathedral in the east, while the sprawling Alexander Garden marks its vast ambit towards the west. The red walls and red towers with red stars at the helm endorse the menacing communist past of the Soviets. A Russian military squad which guards the entrance is unique in every respect. Among the famous monuments showcased across the Kremlin territory, the Tsar Cannon is the largest of its kind in the world. Also, the Tsar Bell which stands in accompaniment with the mighty artillery is the largest in the world. Besides, there are museums, the Grand Kremlin Palace and the State Kremlin Palace, which attract hordes of tourists everyday. The Presidential Palace and the administrative buildings are, however, not open for public visits. Alexander Garden - Located in close proximity to the Kremlin, the beautiful flower beds in this garden attract hosts of tourists who love to take strolls here after their visit to the Kremlin. Lenin’s Mausoleum - The onion-colored pyramid was built as a tomb for Lenin, the pioneer of the Russian Revolution. The impressive structure was built in layers of grey, red and black granite, and hence, synchronizes with the Kremlin at the back.
  3. Russia has been making it to the headlines of late. This is due to the fact that the iconic country would be hosting the FIFA World Cup this year. This is the first time that the great tournament would be held in Eastern Europe, in which 32 member teams would be jousting for the trophy. Also, it is expected that there would be millions of spectators who would be travelling to Russia to watch the grand FIFA World Cup 2018, which would be held between June 14 and July 15. When global events such as the Olympics, the Grand Slams or the FIFA are on the calendar, however, security issue becomes ubiquitous. This is because the top profile bureaucrats, politicians, chiefs of states and world renowned players conglomerate in such iconic events, apart from the teeming local and international civilian spectators. The presence of the global leaders and millions of civilians causes security concerns among the local authorities. While the elites and commoners have a great time watching the grand events, the security personnel are at the helm of a great degree of planning and responsibilities, in order to ensure that mishaps do not happen. Else, the slightest security lapse could lead to unexpected catastrophic mayhem. When it comes to the domestic and global state of affairs, it has been lately observed that Russia has become an eye-catcher for all due to the persistent turbulence, which have hit the nation. Political and Diplomatic Issues Vladimir Putin’s reelection as the president of Russia by nearly 77 percent of the population in March 2018 has evoked restive surges among the different political groups nationwide. There are a number of hostile factions and groups, which are keen about undermining his reputation in the global arena. When the political atmosphere reeks of possible strife and unrest, there are chances that certain rival groups might conspire to do something, which would inevitably tarnish Putin’s reputation. These factions are capable of such notoriety, which might jeopardise security in the host cities, hotels, public places and venues. For instance, if an undetected bomb detonates somewhere, it would lead to irretrievable losses of lives and property. In fact, Putin’s reelection has sparked divided reactions from the various nations worldwide. While some countries have been eschewing the possibility of forging alliances with Russia, the rest have sharply argued and condemned the fact that Putin is set against the western liberal ideas. Countries like Iran, China, Venezuela and Japan have speedily congratulated the president, and have mooted their support for him. Under such mixed reactions from the nations worldwide there could be chances of spurts of violence and skirmishes in the host cities and public places. This is because people from these countries would be thronging here to watch the matches, and miscreants could use this opportunity to sabotage the grand event. As far as international politics is concerned, Russia has earned a controversial reputation through its alleged involvement and interference in the 2016 US elections. It is believed that the Russian hackers had been hired for sourcing out clandestine data and sensitive information, which turned the tables against the Democrats. This resulted in great tribulations among Hillary Clinton’s party members, and sparked heady criticism worldwide. Also, tensions mounted between Russia and Great Britain over the murder of a Russian spy in the British territory. This resulted in a stiff face off between the two nations, while the other countries jumped into the bandwagon to voice their protests against the misdeed. The Trump administration dented the schism further by expelling the Russian diplomats from America, and the US allies followed suit as a mark of condemnation against Russia’s profligate action on the British soil. The Russian government retaliated by expelling equal number of diplomats from the United States and its allies from its own territory. These political upheavals, however, should not impinge security during the World Cup tournament, since Russia has welcomed visitors from the different nations to partake in the grand event. Terrorism The intelligence forces have issued red alert regarding possible “lone jihadi” attacks during the summer World Cup. The Russian Islamist militants who have been returning to the country from the war ravaged zones in the Middle East post as alarming threats to the country’s security personnel. These terrorists intend to take revenge against the Russian involvement in Syria and Iraq. Since Sunni militancy failed in both the countries, the ISIS has been fanning hatred via online propaganda and encrypted messages to provoke “lone wolf” attacks during the tournament. This would certainly revive the group’s popularity among its erstwhile followers, which went crashing due to Russia’s clout in both the countries. Besides, the Caucasian rebels who suffered indiscriminate sufferings due to the ongoing wars would take this opportunity to tarnish Russia’s image on the global front.
  4. The much-awaited FIFA World Cup 2018 is about to start within a few days time in Russia. The entire world has been waiting with baited breath for the tournament, in which 32 teams would battle for the coveted trophy. While hosts of people from different nations would be travelling to Russia to watch the matches which would be held between June 14 and July 15, they need to heed the official briefings issued by their governments back at home. Though Russia welcomes visitors with alacrity, there have been numerous instances when people have had unsavory experiences. So, here is a list of certain aspects which everyone ought to keep in mind before travelling to Moscow at this time of the year: Red Tapism: Make sure that your passport is valid for a minimum period of 6 months after the expiry of your visa. The Russian police have the authority to intercept the foreign tourists at any point during their stay in that country. So, if there are any discrepancies related to your travel documents, then you might land into a mire of tribulations including a speedy deportation. It is mandatory for all to have a Fan ID, which would serve as a special permit for the spectators of the tournament. Also, it would allow multiple entries and exits for all the visitors between June 14 and July 15. All the Fan IDs would lose their validity post July 24. Tourists are debarred from entry to Russia via Belarus. Moreover, if you intend to travel to Russia by road, then plan your route through some other country. Make sure you sign your passport before starting your journey. Otherwise, the chances of immediate deportation are imminent. Also, it is mandatory to register in every host city within 24 hours after arrival. Things to Declare: The Russian authorities do not impede any visitor from carrying his or her laptop into the country. It is, however, mandatory for the tourists to get their electronic devices checked during departure. The Russian officials leave no stones unturned, and they even inspect the installed software in every laptop or smartphone with impunity. In case, you are on a particular medication, then carry a doctor’s letter with yourself. Also, a notary’s translated letter in the Russian language is imperative to testify your physician’s letter. In case, you plan to collect antiques, samovars, medals, rugs or artwork, then make sure to buy such items from authorized dealers’ shops. All the same, the Russian authorities would insist on reviewing certificates, which would endorse the fact that the goods you intend to carry out of the country are not of any historical or cultural value. Racism: Though Russia is a friendly country, there has been a spate of violent outbursts against people from different ethnic groups of late. Groups of ultra-nationalists and Neo-Nazis occasionally organize rallies and demonstrations, in order to fan hatred against the Asians, Africans and Caucasians. Planned and vituperative assaults against foreigners have been reported a number of times, and in certain cases the victims have succumbed to their injuries. Match Report: It is mandatory to buy the tickets through authorized sources. Besides, your ticket needs to be linked with a Fan ID. Otherwise, you would be banned from entering the stadium. Also, you need to carry your passport along with your Fan ID and ticket. Keep them safe with yourself. Bottles and cans are strictly prohibited. Do not risk carrying a large amount of loose cash. If the Russian police happen to confiscate your money, then chances of retrieving the same are dim. Accessibility Issues: People with physical disabilities have harrowing experiences while commuting from one place to another. The narrow sidewalks alongside the roads impede smooth movement for everyone, and there are practically no elevators for the old and disabled. One has to use the steep ramps and staircases as pedestrian underpasses to cross the roads. Though mobility is comparatively feasible in the big cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow, the metro services are not accessible to the disabled. Even the buses do not have facilities to accommodate, and facilitate such people. Safety: While taking guided tours through the iconic Red Square, the Kremlin, people need to be wary of the local pickpockets. Ensure that your passport or valuables do not get targeted by larceny. Curbs on Liquor: Alcohol consumption is banned in the stadiums. Besides, the sale of alcohol is restricted between 11 am and 8 pm. Drinking while driving results in legal confinement. Climate: There are occasional heat waves during the months of June and July. Hence, people ought to carry a number of light clothes at this time of the year. Also, it is advisable to carry plenty of water before going outdoors.
  5. Danica Modesta

    How to Travel Cheap

    Every human being has an innate desire to visit new places. Some people feel content after visiting easily approachable places, while the rest have penchant for travelling to distant, and yet, exotic destinations. Also, people with reclusive mind set plan for sequestered holidaying, whereas adventure lovers crave for some real roller-coaster fun! Whatever the case might be, people cannot travel unless they are really ready to shell out some dollar bills. So, here comes the crunch- Can I afford to travel? What's second best to a free holiday? A cheap holiday. Well, this is a question which keeps popping up in everybody’s mind. Now, one could travel and to his or her dream destinations without actually splurging. So, if you intend to travel cheap, just take a few things into a careful consideration: Plan carefully in advance: This is the prime, and yet, the most imperative aspect of travelling cheap. As a matter of fact, everybody can travel, and you too could do so with alacrity! All you need to do is to plan out your travel somewhat carefully and in advance. Lay out a plan for your expenses. Draw a line beyond which you don’t intend to spend. Then, look surf through the net, and look for the affordable destinations. Also, look for low airfare deals, which you need to do in advance, especially if you are planning to travel abroad. As a matter of fact, you could travel the entire world within an affordable budget. There could be alluring click-baits with enticing travel plans drawing your attention all the while. These lucrative offers, could, however, exceed your budget. Hence, look out for negotiable deals. Stay away from any kind of slapdash planning so as to avoid getting a dent in your pocket! Decide your priorities and do away with excesses: You could be having a plethora of plans while traveling to your dream destination, which could, however, lead to superfluous expenses. In order to avoid such a situation and its compelling implications, you need to prioritize your needs. List your requirement. See what things you cannot do without, and what you could avoid. For instance, if you have plans for hiking and climbing hills, then you would require an outfit and accessories suiting your needs. Buy these items when they are available on clearance sales. Avoid spending on branded stuffs. Also, you need not buy things, which could be absolutely done without! Also, think about using buses, trains or cabs for travelling, in order to avoid booking expensive flights. This could be done, especially if your travel destination is within your own country. For example, travelling across Europe by trains turns out to be really economic, and hence, most of the visitors prefer that option. Look for off season deals: In case, you are besotted about visiting surreal places like Switzerland, then look out for off season airfare offers. Besides, you would also be in position to bag discount offers during your stay in a hotel. In fact, you could extend your stay, and spend quality time by visiting all your coveted sightseeing spots. You could also indulge in numerous adventures, or languish at your favorite spots for days. The choice is ultimately yours! Look for a free place to stay: In case, you are planning to visit a city or a country where you have friends or relatives stationed, then count yourself as being lucky! You could request them for a small place in their accommodations for yourself during your visit. In this way, you could avoid spending on hotels during your stay. Besides, your acquaintances would lend you free advice regarding a number of aspects. For instance, they would advise you about the cheap ways of hopping around and visiting places during your stay. Also, you would get a list of affordable eateries and shopping hubs. Live in a tent: Well, you cannot be lucky every time, since your acquaintances wouldn’t be spread across the globe. Yet, you could look for cheap options to stay while travelling. Pitch a tent for yourself at a convenient place, cook your own food, and stretch out on a sleeping bag at night. Befriend the locals, so that they would guide you about buying drinks and necessities at the local shops. In fact, you could indulge in a bonfire or a barbecue at nights and make your stay really worthwhile.
  6. If you want to travel and dine for free, the best way is to start a travel blog. Obviously the more professional and the bigger your blog is, the better hotels you will get. You can get a few free options such as hosted WordPress or if you invest a little bit, a self hosted WordPress site which would look more professional. Traveh.com offers a professional free travel blog that you can also use. 1. Be a Travel Blogger Hotels are suckers for good reviews. Most hotels would do almost anything to get people to talk about them, if you take nice photos, that's an even bigger plus point. Photography is an expensive project and you would be surprised to know, most hotels do not refresh their photography often enough. In reality you are not getting the room for free. You will need to do a review of the hotel and it's facilities and because it's free, you are obligated to say only the nice things. Depending on how well you negotiate, you can probably get 2 nights for free and a couple of free meals at the hotel. I've witnessed how stupid some hotels are by giving a full board experience for free to TripAdvisor reviewers because he / she was a Senior Contributor. This is not allowed under TripAdvisor's traveler review guidelines. Bloggers get away with it because of what little knowledge hoteliers know about digital. No offense to the conventional marketing guys, but they shouldn't be doing anything with a dot com. Here's a pro tip for hoteliers: When using a blogger, make sure you get proper keyword back-links to your website and that photos are tagged correctly. This ensures that not only do you get eyeballs from the blog site, you get some SEO points on search engines as well. 2. Be an Asshole of a Guest This is exactly what you need to be, an asshole. Complain about anything and everything. The first time around you will probably get compensated with a free stay, free dining and a free and fast airport transfer because the hotel couldn't wait to get rid of you. This method isn't without its risks. You would have to pay for the rooms first, then risk the hotel not giving you anything for free. You also run the risk of getting blacklisted from certain hotels.
  7. Danica Modesta

    List of Hotel Chains Best Price Guarantee Benefits

    I'm definitely looking to keep this list updated. If anyone has a hotel chain that they would like to see included in this list please put a comment.
  8. Based on the World Travel and Trade Council report dated March 2018, travel and tourism contributed 8.2 trillion to GDP in 2017. By 2028, that figure is forecasted to rise by 3.8% per annum to 12.45 trillion. Looking at those numbers, tour and travel is a huge industry and it will continue to grow. It is only expected that competition is stiff, especially in the rooms segment. Hotels not only compete amongst themselves, they also compete against traditional hotel room wholesalers, bed banks and online travel agents. It also more profitable if a guest books via a hotels website or direct channel because of two main reasons. The first reason is, bookings via direct channels do not cost as much as bookings via online travel agents where there is the room rate is commission-able. The second reason is, locking a guest in a loyalty program opens the possibility of repeat stays. Most major hotel chains ensure the room rates that are sold on third party websites, are either the same or higher than their own websites. To give their guests the confidence that they will always be getting the best room rate through the hotel's website, Best Price Guarantee was devised. Below is a list of hotel chains and Best Price Guarantee benefits. Hilton Hotels and Resorts Match the lowest rate with an extra 25% off. Hilton's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Marriot International Match the lowest rate with an extra 25% off or 5,000 Marriot Rewards points. Marriot's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Match the lower rate and 5 times IHG Rewards Club points up to 40,000 points. IHG's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Hyatt Hotels Match the lower rate and $50 credit for your next stay. Hyatt's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Wyndham Hotel Group Match the lower rate and 3,000 Wyndham Rewards bonus points. Wyndham's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Choice Hotels Match the lower rate and U.S citizens get $50 Reward Card. International guests get one night free. Choice Hotel's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Accor Hotels Match the lower rate with an extra 10% off. Accor's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Radisson Hotel Group Match the lower rate with an extra 25% off. Radission's Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions.
  9. Danica Modesta

    Greenhouse by Muir a Total Disappointment

    That looks like a nicely barbecued piece of steak, 10/10 would eat it, but it sounds like it tasted disappointing.
  10. Danica Modesta

    Kim Lian Kee

    The original Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee is located in Petaling Street and if you have been there, the roads are congested and it's a nightmare to get in and out. The original is great, but you have your food on the streets, could be uncomfortable for some. The good news is, Kim Lian Kee is capitalizing on their brand name and they have a few outlets open in shopping malls. I normally go to the one in Mid Valley, a little too small for my liking and it's always packed. Taste wise is not really compromised because they do use fire wood to prepare the noodles and you get that slight hint of firewood-wok-burn taste, a must for really good wok fried noodles. The secret ingredient to making fantastic Hokkien Mee and Cantonese Style Kuey Teow Bee Hon is firewood and pork lard. Kim Lian Kee ticks both boxes. Personally, I think the Cantonese Style Kuey Teow Bee Hon is better than their Hokkien Mee. Did not enjoy the Loh Mee at all, it tasted bland, but maybe it was Loh Mee's off day. Cantonese Style Kuey Teow Bee Hon Loh Mee Fried Crispy Dumpling Fried Crispy Wan Ton
  11. Danica Modesta

    Best Spicy Pan Mee

    The street the stall is at is congested and usually only 1 car is able to pass through. It's a residential area so the residents park their cars on the side of the road causing the congestion. Just a minutes walk away, there is normally space to park by the side of the road beside a church. The road is wider there.
  12. Greenhouse by Muir is basically five dining experiences in one building on three floors. Last night I went for a farewell at BRYCG, one of the five dining experiences at Greenhouse by Muir. BRYCG, pronounced as "Bridge", is marketed as authentic American Southern cuisine. I didn't really care what cuisine we were having, I just wanted a few drinks. When making the reservation, we were told alcohol is not served in BRYCG, alcohol is only served at The Deck, the rooftop bar. What restaurant serves steak and not serve wine? Sounds, ridiculous but that's just me. After a few calls, they agreed to serve us dinner at The Deck so I can get smashed. It started to sound like it was going to be a good night. When we get to Greenhouse, the first thing we do is get the drinks menu. Long Island Tea by the glass is RM32 and by the jug is RM95. The conversation that I had: DDC: How many glasses can I get from a jug? Waiter 1: I don't know. DDC: You don't know? Waiter 1: Maybe 4 or 5 glasses... let me ask someone that knows. Waiter 2: You can get 5 or 6 glasses. DDC: How big are your glasses? Waiter 2: Not very big, that's why you can get 4 or 5 glasses. DDC: Would it make more sense to get glasses of Long Islands or a jug? Waiter 2: I'm not sure. Their product knowledge is piss poor. How the fuck does the bartender not know how many glasses you can get from a jug? I went with a jug of Long Island and spicy chicken cheese Nachos. The Long Island came in a cute little jug. Did not have a banana for scale, so I used an iPhone 6. Let's get what was good out of the way. The soggy nachos was shit but the spicy chicken cheese topping was fantastic. That's about the only good thing about BRYCG. The Long Island was watered down Pepsi. I am fuming. I call the waiter. DDC: What is this shit? Get a glass and try it. Waiter: I did it according to the recipe. DDC: You what? Take a glass and try it. Waiter: I don't drink. Clearly noticing I was pissed, he told me he would get the manager. That's fantastic, a bartender that doesn't drink, tries to dig his way out of a situation by calling the manager. While waiting for the manager that never came, the watered down Pepsi was getting even more watered down because the ice was melting. Sensing they weren't going to do jack about the jug of watered piss, I finished the Long Island, partly because I was thirsty from all that bitching. For my main, I ordered a rib-eye, medium rare at RM59. I was a bit wary about the price. It did not mention where the steak came from, RM59 is not expensive so I didn't really care. If it was beef from Klang, they would tenderize it by punching it eighty million times and splash some black pepper sauce on it. I also ordered a glass of house red, waiter takes my order and walks away, to where I assume, the house red wine is kept. A few moments later, instead of being served a glass of red wine, a slightly more senior looking waiter tells me they are out of house red. By this stage I am going batshit crazy. My steak comes, grilled to perfection, tasted like a piece of rubber. I was probably right, the beef probably come from Klang, authentic American cuisine my ass. Eventually they did replace my Long Island tea. They just upped the alcohol and it tasted rancid. I wanted to get smashed but not at all cost. I returned the jug of pirate piss. They were nice enough to remove the Long Island from my bill, but I insisted on paying for it as a matter of principle because I did finish my jug. I would not return to BRYCG. Price is above average but food quality and service is below terrible.
  13. Danica Modesta

    Travel Club

    Suggest me some place to go.
  14. Tonle Sap Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, it is so large that you cannot see the other side of the lake. All you see is an endless horizon. One of the "highlights" of Tonle Sap Lake is the river cruise on a rickety boat. Once you get on the boat, you're basically at the mercy of these scammers. I heard there are two piers, one operated by the government which is supposedly cheaper. Unfortunately for me, I had a scammer tour guide. I read later, that the normal price would be about $30 for an entire boat but my then future spouse, mother and I were charged $90 for the boat. The boat was in such a shit ass condition that when my mother stepped onto the boat, the planks gave way and my mom fell through. She was alright, so it's pretty hilarious now that I think about it. I'm a bad child. The guide that came with the boat was quite chatty in the beginning, telling us stories about the Vietnamese war and the culture. That was obviously his set up to the scam. When he got our attention, he started on some sob story about orphaned kids that lost their parents to drowning. If you spent your entire life on water, you would imagine they are pretty good swimmers or at least learned the ability to walk on water. We were told there were two orphanages, a Christian orphanage and a Buddhist orphanage. I have to hand it to this guy, he was smart. My mom and then future spouse is Chinese, if we weren't atheists, high chance we would either be Buddhist or Christian. If we wanted to help these poor kids, we would stop at a supplies store and buy rice. My mom who is a devout Catholic decided that we need to help these poor kids. Seriously mom? The guy waving in that photo is the shop owner, I don't know his name so let's call him Wanker 2. The white bags you see in the photo is the rice. It's $90 per bag. I don't know what sort of rice they eat, but I have never had 90 dollar rice before. They asked us to buy two bags because there are a lot of kids. My mom is all up for it. What the fuck, mom? After much negotiating with my mom, we agreed on one bag of rice. When we got to the orphanage, I swear Wanker 1, who is our guide, jumped out of the boat and flipped a hanging photo of Buddha to a picture of Jesus. They basically brought us to a school, the kids were in uniform. I'm pretty sure they returned the rice to the shop owner, or they brought it home for their own consumption. As expected, after he got his pay day, Wanker 1 retreated into silent mode. When at Tonle Sap, be extra careful. Once you get on the boat and on the lake, you're at their mercy. If you asked me, I would recommend you skip Tonle Sap altogether. There is really nothing to see, a bunch of boat houses and polluted water. You would have more fun watching Kevin Costner in Waterworld.
  15. Danica Modesta

    Beware of Scammers in Siem Reap

    Siem Reap is a great place to visit because of the history and culture and of course it's main attraction, the Angkor temples. When I traveled to Siem Reap, I was scammed the moment I got out of the airport. I've spoken to friends and colleagues that have traveled to Siem Reap and some had a better experience. I concluded that if you get the right tour guide, you'll be in safe hands. For the entire duration of my journey from Siem Reap International Airport to the Park Hyatt Siem Reap where I stayed, the taxi driver was convincing us to hire him as our tour guide and driver. Being 2 minutes in the country, he seemed like a jovial guy, had a proper car, spoke good English, I was sold. Never have I been so wrong. The next day when he picked us up from the hotel in the morning, he was the same person physically, but completely different personality. He didn't speak and only answered when spoken to. This was the beginning of a disaster holiday where he set us up for con every step of the way including the infamous Tonle Sap Lake cruise scam. If you managed to get a proper tour guide then some of the Angkor temples to visit when in Siem Reap would be the world famous Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm where they shot Tomb Raider. Apart from the breath taking sight of the Angkor temples, there is not much else to do in Siem Reap.

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