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  1. Alexandoy

    Top tips for first time travelers to Asia

    Which months to go would depend on the country you are visiting. We generally travel during the later months of the year to avoid the extreme heat. Southeast Asia is mostly in the torrid zone so you can expect warm temperature. If you are a city traveler then I would suggest you book in a nice hotel so you will have an enjoyable night - a hot tub and all the amenities plus a complimentary breakfast. And when you have decided on the country then do a little research on the nice spots to visit.
  2. Alexandoy

    New Zealand

    You are one lucky guy to have settled in New Zealand. Since I was a boy, I had that dream to see the pastureland in New Zealand with the thousands of sheep grazine. That scenery looked like a paradise to me and I have the firm resolve that someday I am going to be there to see and feel the prairie in New Zealand. But I know that it is far from here and the plane ticket is quite expensive. And I think the only dropping port is Australia so there needs to be another flight to New Zealand.
  3. Alexandoy

    Touring by recommendation

    We were given a recommendation to visit Batanes, the northernmost part of the Philippines. But we were not warned that the place is so isolated that all goods there are imported from Manila hence they are expensive. And the food are also expensive. Actually everything seemed expensive that's why it was not really a good experience at all. But in fairness to the place, it's a nature trip without the crowds. Even the roads look empty most of the time.
  4. Alexandoy


    I would go to Brazil if only for the Rio Carnival. But lately, I have learned that mixed martial arts is very popular in Brazil and there are weekly fights that you can see. Maybe that would be an added attraction for me. As for the carnival, I truly love to capture in pictures and videos the street dancing with people in their unique costumes. And the food? I know that Brazilian cuisine is borne from Spanish origin and I will surely like it.
  5. Alexandoy

    Tent for accommodation

    Have you traveled to a foreign country with the prospect of staying in a tent for accommodation? We were invited to a northern province here where there are no hotels and the only available accommodation is the homestay - the house of the natives will be the accommodation. Other than that, the only option left is the tent. But since we are not adventurers so we did not proceed with the plan. But I have learned that staying in tents in those islands is getting popular with the younger generation.
  6. Alexandoy

    Travel to Kenya

    I had a dream of going on a safari tour in Africa when I was younger. But at my age now, I don't think safari would still fit me or the other way around. But I would definitely enjoy going to Kenya on a wilderness tour just to view the savannah with the roaming wild animals. My camera would be glad to capture the scenes there just like when we went to the open safari zoo in Thailand. But one thing that's holding me is the cost of travel. Plane ticket for Africa is very expensive.
  7. I had seen the movie Everest. It is based on the true story of a climbing guide who died while on a climbing tour. The movie showed the difficulty of climbing the Himalayas that starts from camp base 1 up to the last camp base where the peak is already reachable. Climbing the Himalayas is really a battle between man and nature. And climbing alone, I guess, is not a practical approach to that.
  8. Alexandoy

    Cheap Bangkok

    We have been to Bangkok twice already and we can say that it is recommendable in terms of touring vis-a-vis cost. Almost everything is cheap in Thailand, particularly in Bangkok, from hotel, food, services. It's only in Bangkok where we could avail of the massage at $5 for 1 hour. In other countries, the cost of massage is at least $20 and that's not the hotel price yet. With the food, there's an overflowing carts of fruits peddled by the roadside vendors and the quality is excellent. The hotel is also okay with the basic amenities including free wifi and big tv. Our hotel also has complimentary breakfast. I am recommending Bangkok to those who are planning to go on a tour this year. But don't go during the summer months because the weather is searing hot.
  9. Alexandoy

    Trusting strangers

    I'm sure travelers are wary of strangers because when in a foreign country, you don't really know what's in store for you. When we went to Osaka, Japan, there was this Japanese guy sitting beside us on the plane. He engaged us in small conversations. And when we disembarked, it seems that the guy was tailing us. As we passed the immigration, he approached us to explain a bit that we had to buy a train ticket for our trip to the hotel. We are not trusting but he looked friendly so we agreed for him to help us. To make the story short, he escorted us from the airport to our hotel via a train. And he paid for his tain ticket, refusing adamantly our offer to pay for his ticket. That's one good experience with a stranger.
  10. Alexandoy

    Balai Isabel in Batangas, Philippines

    Balai Isabel is a unique resort because it borders on the Taal Lake where the legendary Taal volcano is situated. Aside from the swimming pools, Balai Isabel offers trips to the volcano island where you can dip in the lake water or climb the summit of the Taal volcano. It is one experience to remember when you get to the top to view the crater. For convenience, there is also a resort at the foot of the volcano and some horses for riding as well not to mention the restaurants that serve native food.
  11. Located in the town of San Juan, Batangas, Laiya beaches are famous for their isolation because there is no crowd unlike in more popular beaches that are always full of people. And although the long shoreline has no white sand, it’s still a nice beach with clean water. The main attraction of Laiya for us is the tree house which is available for accommodation. They have around 10 tree houses that come complete with bathroom and air conditioning plus a small terrace to see the view of the sea. When we want serenity, Laiya is it.
  12. Alexandoy

    Travel insurance

    From what I understand, travel insurance covers death and injuries related to traveling, i.e. by plane or boat and maybe it can also include land travel. But for an example of food poisoning, I don't think it would cover the hospitalization since that is already a medical insurance we are talking about. They usually avail of travel insurance when going on a cruise since a week on the boat exposes you to more dangers.
  13. Alexandoy

    Are you afraid of travelling alone?

    If you mean by traveling is a long road trip, I don't think I would relish that idea of traveling by myself. First concern is the unexpected situation like an accident or a car break down. It would be terrible to be in that situation all by myself. Second is the company. It would be boring to drive for hours with no one to talk to. I might fall asleep on the steering wheel huh. When I have company, it is like a picnic inside the car that I'm driving because for long drives, I always bring along an ice chest cooler with drinks and some snacks that we can eat along the way.
  14. Alexandoy

    Sand Sea and Sex

    I don't want to sound negative but there are resorts in the Philippines that include sex in their services. In one province with a popular waterfall, there were cases of minors engaging in sexual favors to tourists with consent of their parents. In one beach resort, an overnight tryst with a hospitality girl/man is available at a price. I think this practice of sex for tourists is also present in some other Asian countries although I have no experience of that yet.
  15. I sometimes see people eating in the airport particularly in the boarding area. They bring cooked food and for a family, it looked like they were having a picnic. It's not really to look down on them because I understand that some travelers are thrifty and want to save on expenses as much as they can. But isn't it a hassle to bring along cooked food to the airport? There are lots of eateries in the airport, cheap and expensive, so eating there is not an issue. My point in cooked food is the condition of the food which is already cold and there's no table so it is inconvenient to eat.

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