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    Why You Should Visit Phuket

    Thailand seems to be on everyone’s bucket lists nowadays, and for good reason. This country is littered with tourist attractions, and other things that are foreign to those of us who live in the industrialized western part of the world. Many people who have traveled to this part of the world tend to agree on one thing; Phuket is a must see. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, it is south of the main land, and there are thirty-two other small islands that surround this area as well. After this article, I will dive into various tourist attractions and other excursions that make Phuket one of the most surreal places in the world. This article will focus on the incredible night life in Phuket that everyone seems to be enamored with. This island has something for everybody, and you will see what I am talking about upon reading this. They have many places where you can go if you prefer a quiet dinner with your significant other. Phuket Town is one of these places, in fact, many experts in the area refer to this place as very tame. This place is for those who still want to experience the Asian, and more specifically Thai culture without getting too rowdy. You will be able to find all the culture you are looking for in this part of the town. Montree road is another place where you can find a fun, relaxing time. You are certainly able to find parties along this road, but it is a comfortable atmosphere for families looking to have a good time. Montree road boasts hundreds of excellent restaurants as well as a few Irish pubs. Soi Romanee is another enticing street for those who love to see history and culture. This street boasts the Portugese architecture that has been a part of Thailand since the eighteenth century. There are also an abundance of cafes and bars in this area that suit everyone’s tastes. These are just a few options for those who are traveling with family, and for those who enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing travel experience. There are also just as many places on this island for those who love to party. Phuket has one of the most electric party scenes in the continent of Asia. In fact, many people who have been to both Phuket and Las Vegas describe how Phuket is much more crazy and unpredictable. One of your many options is Chana-Charoen Road, which has many clubs and pubs that are usually jam packed. The only problem with this road is the fact that everything is so tightly packed, and sometimes it is difficult to move around down there. I would highly suggest doing some planning before embarking on a night out along this street. Make reservations beforehand to ensure everything is figured out by the time you get there. For those who want to really party and live on the edge, I would recommend Patong. Patong is known to be the craziest spot on the island at night. There are many miscellaneous activities in Patong, and this area of the island is for those who want a crazy experience. Patong Beach also has live music at night, and this has been known to attract herds of people. Soi Bangla is known as the center of partying on this island, and the atmosphere here is extremely inviting. Soi Bangla is very safe, and you can go here to party all night as well as relax and enjoy a drink with your friends. These places are for those who like to party all night, and for people looking to have a good time. The island of Phuket is also very welcoming to the gay community. Gays and lesbians have many options on the island in Royal Paradise Phuket. Every year they have a gay pride festival that is renowned worldwide for its eccentricity and energy. There are also gay bars all around the island, and they all have excellent reputations. Another night activity that is very popular in Phuket is boxing. Thai boxing is one of the most popular forms of fighting in the world right now. Patong Beach has two venues for this sport, and there are fights all the time. In fact, it is possible to find an event five or six days of the week. The sunset bars in Phuket are also absolutely riveting, they boast some of the nicest views in the world. These are some extra activities that appeal to everyone who has visited this awesome island. If you are considering visiting Asia then Thailand, and particularly Phuket, is a must see. The night life in Phuket is perfect because of variety. You have hundreds of options on this island at night regardless of your personality. You can stay out all night partying, or just enjoy a simple dinner and get an early start on your next day. This island does not exclude anyone, so regardless of your personality you will feel like you are at home here. It is relatively cheap in comparison to any vacation in the western part of the world. Book your next trip to Phuket, and you will not regret it.

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