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  1. Pravish

    Plans to visit Seychelles

    Thank you very much. I shall do that. I hope you had a wonderful experience in this small Island. Actually, I am now focusing on visiting such small islands and exploring them instead of visiting the same modern cities which has most of the things in common like, tall buildings, good roads and modern technology.
  2. Pravish

    Suggested City - Manila

    In my view, one cannot plan only one day in Manila. You will end up spending most of your time in the traffic here. Getting around in Manila is very difficult as most of the cabs refuse to ride and try to overcharge you just because there is a lot of traffic. I must say the night life in Manila is amazing with so many clubs and casinos. You may have a great time during the evening, but not during the day.
  3. Pravish

    Plans to visit Seychelles

    I intend to plan a vacation to this beautiful Island off the east coast of Africa called Seychelles. I did read about this place and it seems to be a beautiful place to visit. I am a solo traveler and this just looks like an ideal destination for a short re-energizing vacation. The pictures that I have seen of this place are those one in our fairy tail. I would be grateful if anyone has visited this place and could share a few ideas that would help me making my trip memorable. Thank you.
  4. Pravish

    Don't miss a chance to visit Ghats in Banaras ( India )

    I have not been to Banaras yet, but Iwould like to share my knowledge about what I know about this place. Banaras is known for the most visited pilgrimage sites in the Hindu Community in India. Most of the Ghats here lead to the banks of the river Ganges. These ghats are believed to be built after 1700AD when the city of Varanasi was under the Maratha empire. For the Hindu community, Banaras is considered the holiest place for a person to breath his last and to be cremated. If you are planning to visit Banaras, you expect a lot of Hindu rituals and a lot of culture for you to experience.The city of Varanasi has 88 Ghats and along most of them you may find people taking their holy bath and praying along the banks of the Ganges. If you want to see an unadulterated natural Hindu culture, Banaras is the place to visit.
  5. Pravish

    Subic Freeport

    NIght life is amazing in Subic bay. At all hands beach they will serve you food and drinks all night and their private beach is open for use. There are life guards stationed. So its completly safe. They do have Bon fire but no fire works. If you get bored of All Hands Beach, you may take a cab to PIER 1, which is also a party place along the beach. AT Pier 1 you would have live archestra and they have pool tablels if you wish to make use of. The food here is amazing. Pier1 usually shuts down by 3 in the morning. If you are a total beach bum, you should try visiting San Antonio. There you can rent a tent for 500 Pesos and buy wood for 20 pesos a bunch. You can party all night there with your own food and drinks by the beach side.
  6. Pravish

    Magnetic hill- Ladakh

    The Hill possessing magnetic power is just a myth. There is no extra force of gravity that the mountain posesses. It is purely an optical illusion which is wonderful to see. It's only because of the slope that seems to go up hill, is actually downhill. It seems to us as if the car is going uphill because we compare it relative to the background.But yes, this optical illusion is something one must see in Ladakh.
  7. Pravish

    Subic Freeport

    Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) is one of the must visit places if you happen to be in the Central Luzon area in the Philippines. I have stayed in SBFZ for over two years and its just amazing to stay there. This place, according to me, is the cleanest and the most organized place in The Philippines. There is a lot you can do here if you plan to have a short 2 day vacation. If you are coming from Manila, you may choose to take a bus, which is Victory liner headed for Olongaopo or you may choose to take a 20 minute flight to the Subic Bay International Airport for just 3000 PHP per person one way. Just Next to Subic airport there is a place called ALL hands beach where you can do some water sports, enjoy their private beach and the restaurants which serve amazing food. It's a total family place to go. Apart from that there is a place called Zest Camp where you can enroll in and overnight trek and camp where in you will be trained for jungle survival in real life situations. There is only one Mall in SBFZ which is called the Harbour Point by Ayala malls. If you want to go rock climbing and rope adventure you should visit a place called Tree Top Adventure which is at the crown peak near to the airport. Subic Bay is an ideal getaway for a power packed weekend.
  8. Pravish

    Manila to Palawan by ferry.

    Coron and Palawan were one of the top 5 on my list. I always dropped the plan of visiting there just because the flights operating in and out of these are just too expensive. I stayed in Subic Bay and I have to take a bus ride to manila which is approximately 4 hours. This ferry ride would be the most ideal thing for me to relax with only spending 1500-1800 for the ride. Since it is a ferry, I hope it will dock directly at the spot where we want to visit unlike Air Travel which requires you to take another mode of road transport or a trike to get there. Thank you for sharing. I shall plan a trip real soon.
  9. Pravish

    Do you travel light?

    Yes, I always travel light when I am going on a short vacation. I would carry a maximum of 2 bags, One is my Backpack and a travel bag. Most of the time, it is just my Backpack. Carrying just one backpack can save a lot of money on your flight travel when travelling on low cost carriers. It's good to carry light clothing and minimal food products. I always make sure I carry my little Firstaid pouch which I feel is a must for every traveler. I wear things like shoes and jackets rather than putting it into my bag to avoid making it heavy. That is how I do it.
  10. Pravish


    Cebu is one of the beautiful destinations you must visit if you plan to visit The Philippines. The best part about this amazing country is that everyone can speak and understand English. I visited Cebu earlier this year in February, to a place called Kawasan Falls . If you are planning your trip from Manila (Capital City), you will need to take a flight from Manila to Cebu. The Air Fare is cheap and it comes to 2500 PHP (50USD) round-trip if you book early. Its a place you must go if you visit Cebu.
  11. Pravish

    Baguio City, Mountain Province

    Baguio is also known as " THE SUMMER CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES". This amazing place falls in the northern Luzon. This place always has a pleasant climate round the year. Since this is a hill station with almost an elevation of 5000 feet above mean sea level, the temperature is significantly cooler than other parts of The Philippines. This place is lush green with plenty of vegetation. To get to Baguio from Manila, you may choose plenty of busses to travel. There is a bus service called "Victory liner" which has frequent and reliable services from Manila. The price of the ticket is around 300 PHP($6) for an air-conditioned bus with WiFi facility. The ride from Manila to Baguio takes approximately 5 hours. Once you get to Baguio, you will feel the ride was totally worth it for the mesmerizing view. Getting along in Baguio is not a problem because the people there are very friendly and they would help you around to get a good deal for staying. There are many places to see in Baguio, So I suggest to plan a trip which covers 3 days of stay if you want to see every place in Baguio. The best time to visit Baguio is between December and January as the rainfall is a little less and the temperatures at its best.
  12. Pravish


    Cebu is one of the beautiful destinations you must visit if you plan to visit The Philippines. The best part about this amazing country is that everyone can speak and understand English. I visited Cebu earlier this year in February, so I would like to share some information about my visit to a place called Kawasan Falls . If you are planning your trip from Manila (Capital City), you will need to take a flight from Manila to Cebu. The Air Fare is cheap and it comes to 2500 PHP (50USD) round-trip if you book early. Once get to Mactan Airport (Cebu) you may take a cab to Cebu South bus terminal. The cabs are not too expensive. Once you get to the bus terminal you may ask people there about the bus that goes to Kawasan Falls. People are very friendly and should be able to help to guide you to the correct bus. I would personally recommend a bus service called Ceres as I travelled with the same, bus was comfortable and the bus conductor guided me to get down at Matitunao church bus stop (near Kawasan Falls). The bus ticket would cost around 170 Pesos (3.50USD) and travel time is approximately 3 hours. After you get off the bus, it is very likely that the locals would ask you if you want to Be guided for kawasan falls for 1500 PHP. DONOT TAKE THEIR SERVICES. It is around 10-15 minutes to get to kawasan falls and it is very unlikely that you will be lost if you follow the trail. Entry fees for kawasan falls ins 80 PHP which you pay at a small office along the trail. As you walk you will find people renting out a life jacket and helmets. You can rent them if you do not know to swim, else I would say it would not be necessary as the current is not very strong. You can enjoy the view of the waterfall there and have a massage under the waterfall to get under it on a raft by paying 300PHP for the raft. There is a trail which continues further from this first waterfall. If you walk for another 5 minutes, you shall reach the second spot. At this spot you can jump off a cliff into the fresh clean lagoon. It is Completely safe. You will have less people here as there are very few people there, so you can have a great time with your company.If you want some adventure, you can ask for a tour guide or a company who would take you for Canyoneering and provide the necessary equipment if you don't have them. You can spend the whole day at this place. You will get Drinks and food along the falls or you can carry your own food To get back to Cebu city, you will need to walk back to the same place where you got down from the bus where you will find various fans who will take you to Cebu city for 200 PHP if you do not wish to wait for a bus. I would recommend the Air Conditioned Van as they are readily available and they can get you to Cebu faster than the bus. So if you are planning for a day trip in Cebu, this is an ideal place to visit and it should not cost you more than 2000 PHP (CEBU-KAWASAN-CEBU). There are many other beautiful places in Cebu but this, IS THE BEST.

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