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Found 4 results

  1. Danica Modesta

    An Unexpected Company During Dinner

    I seldom take pork and even less if dining out for various reasons but one of the few places I would go if I wanted pork ribs would be Morganfield's. As you can see from the photos below, they have a rodent problem. Having rodents in your restaurant by any standard is unacceptable and unsanitary and this outlet was in an upscale shopping mall right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. You would imagine they had better cleanliness standards. Needless to say I will not be patronizing Morganfield's anytime soon if they allow rodents to roam free in their restaurants. I was having dinner with my partner and suddenly a rodent jumped out from under the seat, took a few nibbles of what looks to be a smashed fry and parkour'ed back up into the seat again. This happened a few times. That is just disturbing. I'm no rodent expert, but that it looks pretty young, I'm wondering if its parents are nearby. I asked to speak to the restaurant manager and I was told he was outside of the restaurant. So I requested that he comes to me, I'm not about to walk outside in the middle of my meal so I can tell him he has a fucking rodent infestation in his restaurant. If he came over, apologized and promised to get his rodent infestation sorted then that would have been the end of it but he never came while the rodent jumped in and out about 20 times more, it was fast, but not faster than my iPhone 7s shutter speed. Talk about bad customer service. After paying for the meal, RM183 in total, not cheap by any means and left the restaurant only to see who I assume was the restaurant manager, some specky guy sitting outside doing nothing but obviously too busy to come speak to me. Easily one of the most uncomfortable dining experiences ever.
  2. Greenhouse by Muir is basically five dining experiences in one building on three floors. Last night I went for a farewell at BRYCG, one of the five dining experiences at Greenhouse by Muir. BRYCG, pronounced as "Bridge", is marketed as authentic American Southern cuisine. I didn't really care what cuisine we were having, I just wanted a few drinks. When making the reservation, we were told alcohol is not served in BRYCG, alcohol is only served at The Deck, the rooftop bar. What restaurant serves steak and not serve wine? Sounds, ridiculous but that's just me. After a few calls, they agreed to serve us dinner at The Deck so I can get smashed. It started to sound like it was going to be a good night. When we get to Greenhouse, the first thing we do is get the drinks menu. Long Island Tea by the glass is RM32 and by the jug is RM95. The conversation that I had: DDC: How many glasses can I get from a jug? Waiter 1: I don't know. DDC: You don't know? Waiter 1: Maybe 4 or 5 glasses... let me ask someone that knows. Waiter 2: You can get 5 or 6 glasses. DDC: How big are your glasses? Waiter 2: Not very big, that's why you can get 4 or 5 glasses. DDC: Would it make more sense to get glasses of Long Islands or a jug? Waiter 2: I'm not sure. Their product knowledge is piss poor. How the fuck does the bartender not know how many glasses you can get from a jug? I went with a jug of Long Island and spicy chicken cheese Nachos. The Long Island came in a cute little jug. Did not have a banana for scale, so I used an iPhone 6. Let's get what was good out of the way. The soggy nachos was shit but the spicy chicken cheese topping was fantastic. That's about the only good thing about BRYCG. The Long Island was watered down Pepsi. I am fuming. I call the waiter. DDC: What is this shit? Get a glass and try it. Waiter: I did it according to the recipe. DDC: You what? Take a glass and try it. Waiter: I don't drink. Clearly noticing I was pissed, he told me he would get the manager. That's fantastic, a bartender that doesn't drink, tries to dig his way out of a situation by calling the manager. While waiting for the manager that never came, the watered down Pepsi was getting even more watered down because the ice was melting. Sensing they weren't going to do jack about the jug of watered piss, I finished the Long Island, partly because I was thirsty from all that bitching. For my main, I ordered a rib-eye, medium rare at RM59. I was a bit wary about the price. It did not mention where the steak came from, RM59 is not expensive so I didn't really care. If it was beef from Klang, they would tenderize it by punching it eighty million times and splash some black pepper sauce on it. I also ordered a glass of house red, waiter takes my order and walks away, to where I assume, the house red wine is kept. A few moments later, instead of being served a glass of red wine, a slightly more senior looking waiter tells me they are out of house red. By this stage I am going batshit crazy. My steak comes, grilled to perfection, tasted like a piece of rubber. I was probably right, the beef probably come from Klang, authentic American cuisine my ass. Eventually they did replace my Long Island tea. They just upped the alcohol and it tasted rancid. I wanted to get smashed but not at all cost. I returned the jug of pirate piss. They were nice enough to remove the Long Island from my bill, but I insisted on paying for it as a matter of principle because I did finish my jug. I would not return to BRYCG. Price is above average but food quality and service is below terrible.
  3. Not only is Phuket famous for its beaches and nightlife, Phuket is also an island with a variety of cuisine and unique dining experiences. Below is our selection of 10 must-try dining experiences in Phuket that will leave you satiated with a full belly. Tamachart, Phuket Town - Tamachart or also known as “Natural Restaurant” is an unusual place for dinner that will make your dining-out a wonderful experience. Located in Phuket Town, it consists of four dining rooms on different floors that are connected via wooden stairs. What makes Tamachart unique is the decoration of the restaurant. You can find aquariums made from old TV’s, working train sets and sculpted masks. Not something you see everyday, let alone in a restaurant. You would be spoilt for choices as they offer 200+ variety of Thai dishes to choose from. If you can’t decide what to order, the owner of Tamachart, Khun Rose would be happy to suggest her specialties and what’s fresh for the day. Open daily: 10.30 am – 23.30 pm Kan Eang @ Pier, Chalong - If you are looking for fresh seafood, Kan Eang is the restaurant for you. The restaurant has an amazing view of the Chalong Bay and the Andaman sea. Great food and a great view, makes for a perfect dinner out. The bar at Kan Eang is also a great place where you can enjoy chatting with your friends or wife / girlfriend or both. I normally like pre-dinner drinks so the bar is a perfect option. The menu offers a diverse selection of Thai with emphasis on seafood. The price is a little on the high side and if you order a lobster, check the weight first or you’ll end up broke. 44/1 Viset Road Moo 5 T.Rawai A.Muang Phuket 83130 Photo credit: Darren Robinson Phuket Floating Restaurants - To get to these restaurants, you’ll need to take a long-tail boat ride from Laem Hin Pier. These floating restaurants are operated by fishermen in the area and they offer live seafood coming that are kept fresh in the floating wood and net enclosures. To choose your seafood is easy enough, just walk along the wood platform between the enclosures and choose from the variety of fresh seafood. The most recommended dish in these restaurants is the huge oysters, soft-shell crab and yellow curry with crab meat. Do be aware that if you take a cab there, they might try and convince you to go to another area. Mom Tri’s Kitchen, Kata Noi - This restaurant is part of the Mom Tri’s Villa Royale, a boutique hotel on Phuket Island. It belonged to Thai royalty but it was opened to the public some 10 years ago. Mom Tri’s Kitchen is a magnificent restaurant for unforgettable romantic dinners while overlooking the Andaman Sea and the white sandy beach of Kata No. With over 750 wine labels from vineyards around the world you can be certain of finding a wine pairing to go with your meal. If you are looking undivided attention and some privacy you can opt for the Owner’s Table, an exclusive private dining area complete with its own wine cellar, special menu and your very own sommelier. Open daily: 6 pm – 11 pm 12 Kata Noi Road, Kata Noi Beach, Phuket 83100 Thailand Dress code : Smart Casual Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sheila_dee/ Blue Elephant, Phuket Town - Blue Elephant is not only a Thai restaurant but it is also a restaurant with cooking lessons for everyone that wants to recreate delicious Thai dishes. With the lesson, you can bring your new found skill home with you and impress your friends and family. The restaurant is a beautiful colonial house with luxurious decorations, and the food is served in golden plates and cutlery. As a guest of this restaurant, you can also order some pre-packed Thai dishes that include instructions for preparation at home. If you are looking for an interactive dine-out experience in the, this place is a must try for you. I’m not one for preparing my own food, but it’s quite an experience that should be tried at least once. Photo credit: Mark Wiens Raya Restaurant, Phuket Town - Located in the heart of Chinatown, this restaurant will give you a charming and unique Thai dining experience. The restaurant is part of a restored Sino-Portuguese shophouse with zig-zag stairways and mosaic floors. If dine at this restaurant try the moo Hong (หมูฮ้อง), a slow braised Phuket pork dish. Hours: 10 am – 10 pm Ceramic Kitchen - Ceramic Kitchen is an artistic restaurant with a great atmosphere and attentive workers. When you dine here, you would question if Ceramic Kitchen is a restaurant that has a ceramic factory, or a ceramic factory with a restaurant. We leave it to you to find out the answer. If you already tried a lot of Thai food, Ceramic Kitchen will offer you a good selection of British roasts and Indian curries. In the evenings, there is a relaxing live music performance in the restaurant. Open for lunch & dinner: 12 noon – 12 midnight Le Versace, Patong - La Versace serves classic French dishes with a Mediterranean touch and prepared with the freshest ingredients. It is located on a hill with a remarkable view of Phuket town and Patong beach. If you’re tired of Thai food and looking for a change in cuisine, try the beef entrecôte served with truffle potato grain, lobster ravioli and foie gras. Menus http://www.leversace.com/carte-restaurant-corriger.pdf http://www.leversace.com/Chef-Menu.pdf http://www.leversace.com/carte-boisson-bar.pdf http://www.leversace.com/White-Wine-2015.pdf http://www.leversace.com/Red-Wine-2015.pdf Seafood at Trisara - Trisara is another pleasant way to taste fresh Thai seafood freshly caught from the Andaman sea. With a private entrance to the restaurant, you can either dine outdoor or indoor. With its stunning view of the sea especially during sunset, Trisara is one of our top picks if looking to impress a special someone. Open daily for dinner from 18:00 – 22:30. Advance reservations highly recommended. Menu http://trisara.com/pdf2016/Seafood À La Carte Menu.pdf We hope you found our ‘9 Must try dining experiences in Phuket’ useful. Drop us a comment or ten if you’ve tried any of the restaurants and let us know what you think.
  4. Josh Orawong

    10 Things to Do at Night in Phuket

    Phuket, Also known as the pearl of the Andaman Sea, is a tropical island province in the South of Thailand. Washed by the crystal clear waters of the Andaman and fringed by lush tropical beaches, Phuket is a must-see destination for every visitor to Thailand. There is much to do in this tropical paradise, from scuba diving to dancing the night away in one of Phuket’s world famous nightlife spots. So, what are the ten best things to do of an evening in Phuket? Here you will discover a mix of activities that are suited to those who live life in the fast lane and those who prefer a more relaxed pace of life ensuring that every type of visitor is catered for. Indy Night Market - Every town and city in Thailand has its own markets, and Phuket is no exception. For those who love to shop till they drop, why not check out the Indy market. Indy stands for independent traders, and here you can find a whole array of fantastic bargains. Although it is not the largest market in Phuket, it is the most creative and makes for an entertaining evening. Wander around the many independent stalls and stock up on some wonderful local wares, grab some traditional southern style food and watch the street performers as they sing, dance and play show off their talents. Open every Thursday and Friday evening from 4 pm - 9 pm, conveniently located opposite Queen Sirikit Park. Night markets: Shopping paradises – Of course, for those who are dedicated shoppers, Phuket also plays host to larger markets focusing on fashion, food and souvenirs. The biggest and best market for shopaholics is the Phuket weekend market. Separated into an open-air market and an undercover market guarantees that you can shop come rain or shine. As you enter you are confronted with the most delicious smells your nose could dream of, toasted coconut, sizzling roti’s and barbecuing satay skewers. As you make your way inside you will find almost anything you could think of from fashion and accessories, electronics, jewelry and handmade crafts. Located on Chao Fah West road, it is easily reached by tuk-tuk. Just ask to go to Talad Tai Rot. Bangla Boxing Stadium – Thailand’s national sport is Muay Thai, so it makes sense to have a night at one of the many boxing matches to absorb the thrill, adrenaline and excitement of the sport. Muay Thai is not just a sport; it’s also an art form. The best place to see a Muay Thai match is at Phuket’s Bangla Boxing stadium where you can spend a couple of hours enjoying a few boxing matches, perhaps have a few drinks and absorb the traditional Thai sport in its motherland. Bangla Boxing Stadium can be found just off of Soi Bangla in Patong Beach. Sunset bar – Heaven rooftop Restaurant is ideally situated in the mountains above Kata Noi bay. With unprecedented views of not one but three different bays, Heaven rooftop restaurant and bar is the ideal setting for a couple of drinks and a romantic meal. The best time to arrive is just before sunset, and once the sun has set you can enjoy watching the cities lights start flickering on one by one while relaxing in the gentle cool sea-breeze. Located at Moo 2, Soi Leam Mum Nai Ban, Phuket. Dinner cruise on the June Bahtra – Phuket has one of the most famous coastlines in the world. Pure white sands, crystal clear water, huge limestone formations jutting out of the ocean and a whole array of colourful sea life. One of the very best ways to take in the beauty of Phuket is to take a dinner cruise on the June Bahtra. Here you get to sail around the bay while enjoying a delicious a la carte meal and one or two cocktails. Say goodbye to the thumping music of the nightclubs and bars and say hello to a little bit of downtime to gather your thoughts and memories. Simon Cabaret Show – Thailand is famed for its temples, exotic locations and its Ladyboys. And no trip to Thailand would be complete without at least seeing one of the many Lady Boy cabaret shows on offer. The biggest and best cabaret show in Phuket is the Simon Cabaret. Here you will be treated to the glitz and glamour of a true life ladyboy extravaganza. Singing, dancing and comedy are all on the agenda and guarantees to be an amazing evening filled with love, laughter and lady boys. Easy to find at 8 Sirirach Rd, Patong Beach, Phuket. Phuket FantaSea – Fantasea offers a whole evening of entertainment that reveals the true beauty and history of Thailand. Inside you will be amazed as you watch dancing elephants, Traditional Thai dances and history come alive. Sit back and take in Pyrotechnics, acrobatics, digital wizardry and generations of cultural knowledge come together to create one of the most spectacular shows you will ever see. Inside there is also a 4000 seat restaurant, a carnival village offering the chance to do some shopping and plentiful opportunities to take photographs with the stars of the show. 99 Moo 3 Kamala Kathu, Phuket. Walking Street, Patong - Phuket is probably most famed for its nightlife, so a trip to walking street is a definite must for every traveller. For those who love to party the night away, you will feel like a kid in a candy store. Clubs, bars and beer gardens galore ensure that no matter your music preferences, you will be catered for. Take a walk down Soi Bangla to experience the wilder side of Phuket’s nightlife or stick to the main walking street for a tamer experience. Expect to see many gogo bars, karaoke clubs and beer gardens with staff beckoning you to go inside, be warned though that some ladies are scantily clad and it may not be what is classed as ‘family friendly’. Patong also has many hawkers going bar to bar selling their wares, so if you want to shop but don’t have the time to do so then this is an ideal opportunity to stock up on gifts. Viewpoints - The last two places of interest both fall into the same category. Phuket offers some amazing sights, and viewpoints are the ideal way to take in the beauty of the island. There are two well-known viewpoints that make for perfect photo opportunities while capturing the wild and free spirit of Thailand’s largest island. The first viewpoint is Phromthep cape located at Nai Harn and is possibly the most photographed location in Phuket.

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